Signature Programs for Women's Empowerment


Build websites and Provide Training & Support for your congregation/business

In an effort to help congregations grow and reach beyond their walls and to give women/men a skill set that they can take into the workkplace for better opportunities, WEI will build your website and offer training and support.  Through this gift, you will be able to reach out into the community and surrounding areas.  WEI will offer training so you will be able to update and maintain your website.  The cost for the design and training is minimal and the annual fee for hosting the website is also minimal. 

If you are interested n obtaining more information, contact the WEI center via email or leave a message and someone will get back to you. 




WEI began hosting GED classes in 2007. Since that time over 75 individuals have attended the classes and 40 have successfully completed the requirements and received high school diplomas. Most of the students who seek a high school diploma through the WEI GED program are low-income and underemployed single parent, primarily females. These motivated Philadelphians share an impassioned commitment to improve economic and social circumstances for themselves, their children and their communities. In doing so, they demonstrate that obstacles can be overcome, no matter what the circumstances.

We celebrate the success of each graduating class with a special commencement ceremony. Thru June 2011, we have graduated over 50 students. Classes are currently being offered  in the evening  and on some Saturdays (click for GED ANNOUNCEMENT FLYER). Many graduates are now pursuing further studies through Community College of Philadelphia and other training programs.

How You Can Help

You can help promote the GED program as a sponsor (GED SPONSORSHIP FORM). Your tax-deductible donations will expand availability of GED offerings, purchase workshop materials, hire facilitators and secure adequate training space and equipment. Consider sponsorship of WEI GED. You can be make a difference in the lives of Philadelphians seeking the benefits of education and improved access to gainful employment and self-sufficiency. Follow this link to learn the sign-up process. Please share this information with others who might be interested. You can also be a volunteer to help the instructors teach the classes. If you have a few hours a week, please contact us.



and SDOP

The Philadelphia Women�s Empowerment Initiative (WEI) is working to collaborate with the Mayor�s Commission on African and Immigrant Affairs to create the Immigrant Women�s Empowerment Partnership (IWEP); to establish a vehicle to equipping female immigrants with appropriate skills and resources for business ownership and entrepreneurship.

The basis of the Partnership is for WEI, though the Immigrant Women�s Empowerment Project (IWEP), to refer qualified IWEP participants to obtain micro-grants to support start-up business ventures. The IWEP will help immigrant women, particularly women of African and Caribbean descent who are at or below the poverty level, become self-sufficient while also building community in their new home of Philadelphia. Although the primary client group is the female immigrant population, this partnership will not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion or national origin.

Activities and Services of the IWEP will initially be based at the Women�s Empowerment Center. Stay tuned for more details and start up in the next few months.